The OSOCO Project

OSOCO stands for Open Source Community and is currently not much more as a 'reservered' name :)

Long ago I started a project with the same name at sourceforge. This is the current description:

OSOCO is a marketplace for all types of Java components for developing web applications. The main focus is currently on Apache Cocoon.

OSOCO has currently four sub projects:

  • DynInc: A dynamic expression language, similar to JXPath or JEXL.
  • Tempo: A template processor (similar to Jelly or Velocity).
  • Cocoon-Extensions: A template generator for Cocoon using DynInc and Tempo.
  • CoWarp: A web application framework for Cocoon (Authentication etc.).

If you have any suggestions or comments, contact me. Currently I'm seeking for help in getting in started, so if you are interested, let me know.